Contemplative Photographic Art

 A sampling of the contemplative photographic art of Roger Allen Baut

What you see before you are not only TAO and Zen inspired photographs, but images that have the potential to take one into a contemplative state of consciousness. Take a few moments, relax, and travel the pathless path through the various images the universe has brought forth for all us to experience.

The White Heron

Out of time, out of space, in the eternal now…

All the bird’s are leaving…

Tasting the Sun

Basking in the Light

I see that which is…

To view more of Roger’s contemplative photographic art
please go to:

Roger defines Contemplative Photographic Art, as “…certain photographs which may lead the viewer into a calm, thoughtful, peaceful, and/or lightly meditative state.

In this contemplative state an individual may connect, gain access to, or come into resonance with his or her own inner being, and from this connection, perhaps gain insights that will assist that person on their Journey of Life on Planet Earth.”

• Please note: None of his photographs have been enhanced
in any way, or ‘photoshopped.’


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