Consciousness: Something Beyond

“We come from the unknown and we go on moving into the unknown. We will come again; we have been here thousands of times, and we will be here thousands of times. Our essential being is immortal but our body, our embodiment, is mortal. Our frame in which we are, our houses, the body, the mind, they are made of material things,” writes Osho.


Bodhidharma at Prayer

Osho continues, “They will get tired, they will get old, they will die. But your consciousness, for which Bodhidharma uses the word ‘no-mind,’ (Gautama Buddha has also used the term ‘no-mind’) is something beyond body and mind, something beyond everything; that ‘no-mind’ is eternal. It comes into expression, and goes again into the unknown, continues for eternity, unless somebody becomes enlightened.”

No Mind
To be conscious, is to be awake, to be aware, to perceive, to understand and ‘know’ what is truly going on around us, and once we are awake, we may assist others in awakening from their sleep. As John Dewey puts it, “‘Consciousness,’ the state of being aware.”

Private Worlds

Men are as forgetful and heedless
in their waking moments
of what is going on around them
as they are during their sleep.

Fools, although they hear,
are like the deaf;
to them the adage applies
that whenever they are present they are absent.

One should not act or speak as if he were asleep.
The waking have one thing in common;
sleepers have each a private world of their own.

Whatever we see when awake is death,
when asleep, dreams.


In this quote from Heraclitus, we find stated the deepest problem that besets humankind, and that problem is, that the majority of our species is asleep, even while they are awake.

Andrew Cohen gives some thought on consciousness as he writes:

• The ‘authentic’ self within the individual is not separate from the creative impulse that initiated this whole evolving universe, and it has its own agenda.

• The agenda of the ‘authentic’ self is not the agenda of the personal ‘separate’ self-sense.

• At times it may seem like your agenda, but in the end there is nothing personal about that pure, passionate aspiration to awaken, to create, to become, to evolve.

• When the awakening human being experiences that urge at the level of consciousness, that’s the very same impulse that created this universe becoming aware of itself and awakening to its own deepest desire, which is to become conscious.

If you really understand this, then you will begin to realize how absolutely meaningful is your own aspiration to awaken. You will see the precious significance of even the barest murmurings of your own struggle to become conscious.

Osho writes, “Consciousness without thinking: that’s what awareness is. Being alert and with no thought. Try it! Whenever you see thinking gathering, disperse it! Pull yourself out of it! Look at the trees with no screens of thinking between you and the trees. Listen to the chirping of the birds with no chirping of the mind inside. Look at the sun rising and feel that inside you also a sun of consciousness is rising…but don’t think about it, don’t assert, don’t state, don’t say. Simply be.”

Osho goes on, “And, by and by, you will start feeling glimpses of awareness, sudden glimpses of awareness — as if a fresh breeze has entered into your room which was getting stale and dead; as if a ray of light has entered into the dark night of your soul; as if, suddenly, life has called you back.”

A few suggestions, or techniques, which may facilitate one in developing awareness and consciousness:

• Be an observer to your thoughts. Observe, without judging or analyzing your thoughts, emotions, and perceptions.

• Be a witness to the voice within. Listen to the voice in your head. Listen to it passively without judging, or analyzing it.

• Be an observer to the emotions going on within you. Your emotions are the reflection of your mind within your body. When you sense an inner emotion, bring your attention to its sensations within your body.

• Direct your attention to your ‘inner’ body/self. Sense and feel yourself from within. Sense the life-force within you. Focus your attention on your body starting with your fingers, moving up through your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, et cetera. Learn to sense with your whole body, even when interacting with others.

• Meditate. Meditating does not have to be some rigorous technique, simply just sit comfortably and quietly, shut your eyes, and look inward for several minutes.

• Osho says in his pdf on meditation,

“First become conscious of your consciousness. And in that very becoming, in that very silence – when you are only conscious of your consciousness and not of any other content – no thought, no desire, no dream – you are just conscious of your being conscious, the mirror is reflecting itself and nothing else…in that moment, something IMMENSELY miraculous happens. You become aware of the divine, you become aware of the essential core of your being.

mystic tree1

This is a companion blog to the
BTR Creative Nexus fifteenth episode
on consciousness.
“What is Consciousness?” “Are we living
a conscious life or are we simply going
the motions?”



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  1. Sheila says:

    Hoping to catch Thursday ‘s episode. Loving the positive flow of energy in this post. My soul especially needed it today.


    • chasingtao1 says:

      Thank you so very much for stopping by and leaving your comment Sheila! I’m so pleased you loved “…the positive flow of energy from this post.” Take gentle care, Roger ☺


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