The Ki to it All

Pure Energy

“After years of thought, study and contemplation I have come to the conclusion
that there is only one thing in the universe and that is energy – beyond that
there is a supreme intelligence.” Albert Einstein

As we move into the 21st century we are hearing more and more about ‘energy,’ whether it is in the form of commercials about energy drinks, or a battery hyped by the ‘energizer’ bunny. We are also hearing more about alternative energy sources, such as solar, wind and water, as well as the alternative ‘energetic’ healing practices of Reiki, Karuna Ki, Seichim, et cetera.

“The National Institutes of Health, Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) has classified Reiki as a ‘biofield’ therapy. Biofield modalities are defined as those therapies intended to affect energy fields that purportedly surround and interpenetrate the human body…Biofield therapies are generally low-risk interventions.” (Miles and True, PhD, 2003).

Energy, or Ki, has even found it’s way into popular novels, such as Michael Redfield’s, The Celestine Prophesy:

“We were crossing a wooden bridge which
traversed the creek. “What is energy?” I asked.
She [Sarah] stopped and leaned back against the railing of the bridge.
“Do you know anything about the Third Insight?” “Nothing.”

The Third Insight, as mentioned in The Celestine Prophesy is a part of a set of Nine Insights, which are alleged to be contained within an ancient lost manuscript, in Peru. The Third Insight presents the concept that, “We now experience that we live not in a material universe but in a universe of dynamic energy. Everything is a field of energy that we can sense and intuit. More over, we humans can project our energy by focusing our attention in the desired direction, influencing other energy systems and increasing the pace of coincidences in our lives.”

In the novel, Phil Stone gives our ‘seeker’ John Woodson some guidance into how one may see energy:

1. Lean back.
2. Touch the tips of your fingers together.
3. Keep the sky, (or other neutral background) behind them.
4. Separate the finger tips about an inch.
5. Look directly between them.
6. Take your eyes out of focus a little.
7. Move the tips closer.
8. Then further apart.

As the experiment unfolds the following is related, “As he [Phil] talked I moved my fingers around, unsure what he meant by taking my eyes out of focus. I finally placed my gaze vaguely on the area between my fingers. Both finger tips were slightly blurry, and as this happened I saw something like strands of smoke stretching between the tips.”
“Good grief,” I said, and explained what I saw.
“That’s it! That’s it!” he said.

Koichi Tohei-sensei says, “Ki is the basic unit of the universe. It is the infinite gathering of infinitely small particles. Everything is ultimately composed of Ki. If you pursue this concept to the depth of human consciousness, you will understand the universal mind which governs all creation, loving and protecting life. Understanding the universal mind is fundamental to grasping the spirit of peace and union with nature.”

The idea of a ‘universal’ mind came into Western thought with the philosopher Anaxagoras,  who arrived in Athens, Greece, some time around 480 BC. Anaxagoras taught that all things were created by a universal ‘Mind,’ which held the universe together, and gave humankind a connection, or pathway, to the Divine.

Tony Talmage, author of In Tune with Infinite Powers, writes, “The real you is the spirit entity that exists within your physical body. This ‘spirit’ entity is a collective body of energy connected to the greater sea of similar energy — the Life Force. The Life Force is that energy that governs the galaxies and all universes and dimensions. To make any worthwhile progress you need to sink your spiritual energy into that sea and take guidance from it.

In the Spirit

2012 Roger Allen Baut
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to the BTR Creative Nexus tenth episode
of 15.11.12 on A Matter of Energy from the
Celestine Prophesy.

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12 Responses to The Ki to it All

  1. I love this essay. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and your gentle insights and connections are much appreciated. ‘To make any worthwhile progress you need to sink your spiritual energy into that sea and take guidance from it.’, yes.


    • chasingtao1 says:

      Hi Anna! I’m so pleased you, “love this essay,” and you certainly know about energy being a Reiki Master/Teacher. Thank you for sharing that with me. Koichi Tohei-sensei is one of my favorites, and his Book of Ki is one of my favorites. I’ve been studying/working with Ki/energy for quite a while now, so I’ve had the good fortune to read/study many of it’s perspectives! It’s a wonderful path and adventure. Thanks again Anna! Roger ☺


  2. Sheila says:

    “The real you is the spirit entity that exists within your physical body” I so believe this! The rest of that quote made me think of “the Force” referred to in the Star Wars films.


    • chasingtao1 says:

      Yes, indeed, Sheila, Talmage calls it correctly when he refers to, “The real ‘you’ as the spirit entity that exists within your physical body.” And, yes, there seems to be a similarity of the ‘Force’ of Star Wars, as Talmage continues. I have sometimes found that novels may present ‘plausible’ information, ensconced within a story, which may be more acceptable to readers than a direct metaphysical approach.


      • Sheila says:

        I wonder if authors often do this without even realizing it. Somehow, the Truth makes its way into everything, whether the artist is aware of it or not, which is so awesome!


      • chasingtao1 says:

        I would tend to think that happens Sheila! And would concur with you that, “Somehow, the Truth makes its way into everything.” ☺


  3. tashtoo says:

    Wonderful companion piece Roger…and after the day I put in…a gentle reminder of what I should be doing right now…where’s that stone 😉


    • chasingtao1 says:

      Thank you Natasha! So glad you resonate to this! When you’re ready, let me know and I have a black Tourmaline for you to repel all the negativity that we need to ward off from time to time!

      Roger ☺


  4. Pingback: The Ki to it All | Tashtoo

    • chasingtao1 says:

      Thank you for being you, and all that you do Natasha! We’re going to wake the world up and let them share in all the ‘Pure energy’ that is available to us in this grand universe! Roger ☺


  5. chasingtao1 says:

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts Walter! Sincerely appreciated! Hope you enjoy the blogtalkradio show that relates to it! Roger ☺


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