Chasing Tao

[Baut Images: Roger Allen Baut]

Ever a seeker and a sojourner, I have traveled the ‘pathless path’ of life, and have been fortunate to explore several wonderful, and not so wonderful, places on Planet Earth.

 I am a compilation of many things, of all things, and an enigma to many, as well as myself. I have learned that all things are a part of one another. The wind, trees, rivers, seas, skies, plants and animals, which are all connected, and interconnected.

Presented within this blog are the thoughts, musings, writings, metaphysical researches and contemplative photographic art, that are all reflections of the spirit-being, which is my true self, that resides within the physical body I am currently inhabiting, and travels with me down the many paths of Earth-life I explore. Join with me on this journey, and perhaps there will be some things to interest and benefit each of us, as we travel the pathless path of life on Earth.

A toute a l’heure!


3 Responses to Chasing Tao

  1. debienne austin says:



  2. George Hayward says:

    Very enticing introduction to your site, I like it!


    • chasingtao1 says:

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment George! Sincerely appreciate it and am pleased you find this page to be a “Very enticing introduction to your site, I like it!” Thanks again! ☺


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